23 juillet 2013

cococnut cookies

 Freshly made coconut cookies My very first bunch of coconuts cookies for my baby boy first year birthday. 宝宝今日一岁,自己就参照网上方法做了一些椰子肉碎末曲奇饼。 自己不敢烤太久,因为老公不太喜欢脆口的质感。 Surely he may not allow having a bite yet, for he is a bit too young for such cookies. 宝宝还小,曲奇饼就留给我和老公自己慢慢享用咯。
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10 juillet 2013

Scent of sweet pea

Some fresh picked Sweet peas grown from the balcony. Very cheap seed pack from Lidl has successfully growing in my small balcony. Lots of dark purple or red colors scented flowers but I prefer a bit lighter colors sweet peas.   chart- Acufactum - Moeine Jahreszeiten
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